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Travel Trends for 2021

Our 2021 diary is looking busy, busy, busy – packed with things to do to make up for all the time lost in 2020. We imagine that your 2021 diary is looking fairly similar, making up for lost time with the family or catching up with friends. The trend for next year without a doubt is going to be a year of ‘going out’ (maybe even ‘out-out’) and not staying at home! Of course this is all providing that this is possible! But for now, the future is looking a little brighter.

We have had to adapt all aspects of our lives this year, some changes have been for the better but most, we hope, are only temporary.

One thing we have all had to put on hold is travelling. Whether heading abroad or even down the road! So next year, when finally we can all hopefully get back on the road, it will be a little different for everyone. Some people might want to travel more and use their time to visit places on their bucket list. Whereas others may have adapted their bucket lists this year and realised the incredible travelling opportunities that lay right on their doorstep, here in the UK.

The reality is, next year’s travelling trends, whether for work, leisure or business might not necessarily be what we class as ‘normal’. They will be different,but they may actually be an improved version of ‘normal’.

So let’s explore these ‘improved’ travel trends…

1. The number one destination next year is going to be: the UK

Our research tells us that people are still going to be a little wary of travelling overseas, so short distance travel is going to be popular for holiday makers. The UK is going to be a hotspot for holiday-goers, with the staycation offering a greater sense of security during what will still probably be an unsettled year. We have also found that 2020 has presented those based within the UK, an opportunity to explore the world sitting just outside their front doors – and they cannot get enough of the beauty that lies within the UK.

Domestic travel and staycations are going to tbe the in- thing for 2021 – are you going to follow the trend?

2. Group travel with family and friends

We can all agree that there is some much-needed face to face family and friends time!. The opportunity to be able to actually see the extended family and friends (not through a screen) that we have not been able to visit in months (maybe even a year) is an opportunity not to be missed..

Family days out will be on the rise next year, with larger group travel for holidays and day trips also increasing. We all want to make up for the memories that we were not able to create with our loved ones this year, and there seems to be no better way to do this than to all get together and head out to your favourite family attraction.

3. No more carefree travel

We are all guilty for it – booking a holiday with little research into your travel provider or destinations and getting the cheapest insurance deal possible. We feel like the masters of the holiday. But following a year like 2020, with holidays being taken away from us as fast as we booked them, 2021 looks like it’s going to be a little more ‘planned out’

Sounds like a contradiction to our previous point on last minute bookings – but you can still plan and do your research, even if the booking may be a last minute decision! Next year, travellers are going to be ensuring that they are fully equipt for their break – and we recommend that you do the same.Make sure you have done your research on not only your destination, but also the travel provider.We also recommend that you find a provider that has your best interests at heart, ensuring that right from the word go – you and your bookings are protected. It will give you the confidence to book and help you to travel with complete trust!
If there is anything 2020 has taught people, that is to be safe and savvy!

4. Solo travelling

Maybe this is more for the individual that has been cooped up in the house alone or for someone who has struggled to have their own space?
All we know is that solo travelling is on the up for 2021.,Whether this means packing a small bag for a night away and some 1-1 time, or dusting off the rucksack and getting ready for some adventure. Following a year we have all had, it’s about time we all did something for ourselves, it is okay to be a little ‘selfish’. So we say to all solo travellers – go forth and explore! You never know what you will experience or who you will meet. Just please stay safe!

As you can see, 2021 is going to be fully loaded with adventure and some well deserved (and needed) R&R. Wherever you are heading, whether you are planning a staycation or a vacation; remember your research, and please stay safe!

Before you go, we have one final question – where are you heading to next year?

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