Bring along a Picnic, or just go for a wander the best garden ever Buckingham Palace Gardens.
Detailed Overview

This summer enjoy Buckingham Palace Garden like never before. You'll be free to wander the garden's winding paths at your own pace and discover the beauty of this hidden oasis. Then, when you've finished exploring, lay out your picnic on the sweeping lawns and relax as you look up at the Palace's magnificent rear façade. A true once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The opportunity to picnic in the Palace garden. Please review the permitted and non-permitted items below before visiting:

  • Permitted

    • Food and non-alcoholic drinks

    • Plastic glasses and paper cups

    • Tableware and cutlery

    • Small picnic baskets and cool bags

    • Blankets and small foldable chairs

    • Personal and golfing-sized umbrellas

    • All items must be no larger than 55 x 35cm in order to pass through airport-style security scanners.

  • Non-Permitted

    • Alcohol consumption

    • Glassware

    • Sharp-bladed knives

    • Radio/speaker

    • Barbecues

    • Parasols, windbreakers and gazebos

    • Ball games or similar

    • You are advised to wear comfortable shoes, as all events involve some walking.

    • When you arrive, you will pass through an airport-style security check. 

    • You can take photographs in the Palace Gardens.Toilets and baby-care facilities are available at the visitor entrance or in the garden depending on your tour.

    • Pushchairs  may be used within the gardens


Pick up Points