The history at Hampton Court Palace spans over 500 years from Henry VIII to George II and has magnificent apartments to see and beautiful gardens.
Detailed Overview

This magnificent palace, set in delightful gardens, was one of Henry VIII's favourite palaces. You can explore his State Apartments, visit the Tudor Kitchen and wander through the gardens trying not to get lost in the famous Hampton Court Maze. Refreshments are available on site.

Transport yourself back to the heyday of Tudor feasting and entertainment in Henry VIII’s Kitchens and Great Hall. Discover the Stuart and Georgians Baroque Palace and how other Royal families made this palace their own. Audio guides are included in the palace ticket.

If you still want more, lose yourself in the most famous maze in the world. The Hampton Court Maze is still baffling visitors after 300 years.

Other things you must see at the Palace include:

  • King Henry VIII’s  Apartments

  • Young Henry VIII’s Story

  • Chocolate Kitchens

  • Cumberland Art Gallery

  • William III’s Apartments

  • Palace Gardens

  • Georgian Story

  • Mantegna Gallery

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