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Coach driver’s comedy announcements
A Fareham coach driver is fast becoming an online sensation after videos of him giving comedy announcements on board have proved a hit with passengers.

Steve Small works for Lucketts Travel and regularly drives services that the company runs on behalf of National Express. To cheer up customers at the end of a long day he puts his own spin on safety announcements, including jokes and impressions.

His repertoire includes voices of X Factor announcer Peter Dixon and comedian Matt Berry.

The 38-year-old, from Gosport, regularly finds videos of himself online after delighted customers have posted them and praised his hilarious announcements.

Steve, who is looking to get into voiceover work in his spare time, said: “It’s really nice to make people smile. We have safety announcements on a CD but I wanted to make it more interesting so decided to do it myself, weaving in some funny voices and jokes. It’s good fun. Everyone has a laugh.”

Oliver Ing from Portsmouth, who recently shared a video of Steve on Twitter, said: “He had us in stitches the other week. It’s so nice to see someone going out of their way to cheer everyone up. He brings a little bit of sunshine to every journey!”

Steve’s boss, Tony Lawman, said: “Steve’s a fine example of our staff going the extra mile
for customers and we’re thrilled that his safety announcements prove so popular. In a world where we can get caught up in the humdrum of daily life, it’s nice when things like this happen to make us smile.”

Watch a video of Steve in action at: https://twitter.com/Oliver_Ing/status 1119600174605774848?fbclid=IwAR1kn0Jc15f_MLeVpdWHqdPk0oMtbKjUYVlZIcMx7ClRPFK6acVScEqaS9k